Reuters Offshore Wind USA 2024


June 17


03rd January 2024

Reuters Offshore Wind USA 2024

US offshore wind remains poised for long-term success. Recent rising costs and project setbacks have fuelled the hunt for groundbreaking strategies, partnerships and innovations that will ensure both new and existing offshore wind projects are brought to fruition. To unlock the full potential of American offshore wind, robust collaboration as a united industry is the only way to keep the turbines of tomorrow turning.

To expedite project completion and safeguard revenue, developers must:

· Streamline project deployment: Drive all projects forwards through smart negotiation and standardized processes to protect margins and mitigate risks

· Revamp your supply chain: Uncover new opportunities with buy and sell side stakeholders that will accelerate project deployment and industry growth

· Restore investor confidence: Demonstrate strong business plans to unlock project financing that delivers for the supply chain as well as developers

In an altogether new format, meet with every key project developer, supplier, and policymaker at Reuters Events: Offshore Wind USA 2024 in Boston this June. Immerse yourself in a truly interactive conference experience, from collecting case study data, taking part in panel Q&As with federal agencies, meeting prospect collaborators in roundtable debates and workshops, through to seeing the latest technology at the innovation stage. Everything is designed for you to engage and interact with your core community to revive momentum, and propel offshore wind forward.

Hear from Bluepoint Wind’s very own Eric Henry!